2016 Design Team

Meet our Aweome Design Team.

I'm a married mother of 3 wonderful kids. My family is my inspiration.  I started creating crafts since I was in high school, but I didn't start getting into the paper craft industry until my mom past away in 2008.

I have been on several Design Teams, so I decided that it was time to create my own group, so in 2011 I started Creando Con Detalles a Facebook group for Latinas.  I wanted to create, share, and meet other Latinas from around the world, so here it is 3 years later and the group still exists.


2016 Creating With Details Design Team

DT Coordinador. Hey there my crafty friends! My name is Robbin McCrumb. I have been crafting/creating since I was old enough to hold a pair of scissors and needle and thread. My grandmother had a love of creativity and I learned much from her. My father loved to paint, and I inherited his love of the painting medium. I have worked in just about every artistic medium I can think of...jack of all trades, master of none, but the process of becoming a master is so much fun!!!
I love anything vintage, shabby chic, boho, gypsy, and outside of the box. I love working in mixed media and up-cycling and recycling anything and everything. I love creating and love learning from and creating with others!!! I am so excited to be working with such a wonderful, talented group of ladies!.

I have been an artist all my life, starting at age 4 on grandma's lap and worked with a lot of different mediums; been a mosaic artist for 19 years now. I specialize in doing mosaics using a style referred to as "Pique Assiette or Tesserae" This process involves transforming vintage china/porcelain plates into artistic designs that are always one of a kind and my own.
About me, the Artist:
Growing up in Germany after WWII; watching my parents re-use, re-cycle, re-invent - my involvement in the arts developed very early at about 4 years of age. Trying to make new candles from candle stumps - melting them on my little doll cooking stove, using simple yarn for candle wicks; (almost burned the house down) clothing my dolls by sewing, crocheting, knitting and cross stitch. Creating clay vases, paint and draw in my family’s home in Germany to now creating/working in my home in Florida. My interests and talents have evolved over time. Any type of art has been a constant presence in my life. 
After all this experimenting with my very diverse talents I have grown into and have a very addictive desire to create MOSAIC, done from precise cut/nipped vintage fine bone china/porcelain plates, paired with stained glass mosaic, vintage jewelry and other tidbits and baubles. My tools are Glass Nippers, Wheeled Cutters, Glue, Grout, Clay and Sealer; sometimes paint. I create from my thoughts, feelings and inspirations around me. I reclaim/re-invent unwanted items from various sources and breathe new life/usefulness in them, create functional, fabulous, or whimsy Art.
Lately I have expanded and wandered into the Shabby Chic, Beach, Paris Chic World and added Home Decor and fashion to my Art.
Never having attended a class/courses I can be called self taught or attended Grandmas classes. Every new piece I create is a discovery and revelation for me, it just grows in my mind while I work. I have sold many pieces of my art since I started officially to sell 19 years ago. They have gone as far as Texas, California, Illinois, Georgia, Australia, Hong Kong and Great Britain just to name a few destinations. Some of my work is displayed locally at the Classical Concert Series in town, which is a seasonal program. On commissioned Art I always work with the client and involve them in "Their" Art Piece.

I am a Webmaster, SEO expert, Data Integration and Marketing Professional with a passion for paper-crafting. When I'm not creating or maintaining a website, I'm creating scrapbooks, cards, altering composition books, creating treat bags and boxes, all from scratch!

I am a mother of two wonderful teenagers, and wife to a loving husband. My family is very supportive of my crafting; and quite often, they snoop inside my craft room to see what new project or projects mama is working on! My husband and kids understand how important it is to me, that I continue to create beauty and share it with the world! I love to create beautiful items; and I either give them away to friends and subscribers, or I keep them as a new family heirloom that I will be able to pass on to my children. 

One of the things I love about Crafting, is the sense of accomplishment that I get, when I complete a project. It brings me a lot of joy watching how a thought or an idea, turns into a realization. Starting out with a mere 12x12 piece of card-stock, and creating something beautiful with it, is a joy that only another crafter could comprehend; and it's oh... so ... relaxing!

Hello to all my fellow crafters. I have lived most of my life here on a farm in SW Pennsylvania. (about 40 miles from Pittsburgh). I retired early from my job at the Avella Area School District and I’m married to my best friend for 42 years. I have three adult children and three adorable grandsons. I am a new Designer for Creating with Details. I am so excited!!!
I've been a crafter for most of my entire life. Sewing, wood crafts, paper crafts have been among myfavorites. I love mixed media, Boho Chic, vintage/ shabby chic and Victorian style.
I met so many wonderful friends. I’ve learned so much that I really amaze even myself.

I have loved to create ever since I could hold a crayon in my tiny hands. It helped that my mom kept lots of Crayolas and drawing pads at the ready. I come from a family of engineers and interior designers. Everyone is happily creating with their hands!  My background is strong in fine art, drawing and painting in pastel. But I yearned for something more. I wanted to combine my love of photography,  poetry, design, floral arranging and jewelry making. When I realized that I am at heart a multi-media artist,  everything came together for me! Mixed-media gives me the freedom to combine my various interests, often on a single canvas!  I love to create home decour,  wallhangings, scrapbook layouts, handmade embellishments,  3D vignettes,  and so much more. I also enjoy working in a variety of styles.  From a simple line drawing, to richly detailed canvases, from vibrant colour to soft, monochromatic muted tones.  I am drawn to organic, natural flowing shapes, and fresh esthetics.  The world of nature is a lifelong inspiration for me, especially the beauty of our avian companions. I also take care to utilize environmentally friendly products to protect the many trees, flowers and birds which surround our peaceful home. It is my hope that my creations will fill you with a sense of wonder, peace and joy.

2016 Creating With Details Latina Design Team

DT Coordinador Latina Design Team. Soy Colombiana, Ingeniera en Finanzas de Profesión, Artesana de Corazón. Desde muy joven me apasionaba todo lo relacionado con las artes manuales, luego de trasladarme de mi ciudad natal a la Capital viene a desarrollar todas estas bellas facultades que Dios dispuso en mis manos. Alternando hogar, universidad y trabajo; en mis tiempos libres los fui dedicando a crear y enseñar. Conocí el Scrapbooking hace 9 años y desde ahí quede perdidamente enamorada. Mezclar diferentes técnicas entre papeles, recortes, tintas, etc.... hicieron que cada día me fuera perfeccionando aun más. Debo agradecer a todas mis mentoras en este Bello arte de la vieja Guardia como llamamos aquí en Colombia. Entre ellas a Mai Larsen quien con sus conocimientos hicieron que cada obra realizada llevara ese sello de Perfección y Elegancia, a mis amigas de Brasil que con sus conocimientos me enseñaron la posibilidad de alternar mucho mas mis otras técnicas con el scrapbooking. Hoy en mi presente he podido conocer muchísimas personas y crear unos fuertes lazos de amistad tanto a la distancia como Físicos, agradecida con el Infinito Amor que Dios nos proporciona y la calidad humana con la que estamos siempre dispuestas a enseñar lo aprendido y ver reflejada en cada obra ese sello que nos caracteriza. Mis Hijos son ese motor que impulsan mi vida a seguir luchando. Una de mis frases " Quien se atreve a enseñar nunca debe dejar de aprender". Gracias por dejarme ser parte de tu vida y confiar en mi Talento.

Soy Colombiana nacida en Bucaramanga, pero vivo hace 38 años en Quito la capital del bello Ecuador.
Me gradué como diseñadora estando casada, tengo un almacén de navidad llamado "Casa Navideña", donde diseño cada año todos los arreglos que tengo allí de eso ya hace 15 años.
Me encantan todas las artes, ellas han sido parte de mi, desde ya muchísimo tiempo.
Tengo una bella familia, mi esposo, 3 hijos y 3 bellos nietos, que han sido mi apoyo y mis mas grandes admiradores de todo lo que hago .
Conocí el Scrap hace ya 1 año y 3 meses y desde allí no he parado de trabajar en él, creando y diseñando lo que vendo y regalo,nunca pensé que este bello arte me llenara tanto mi vida, en verdad lo amo y me hace muy feliz el trabajar cada día en él . Ahora forma parte de mi y es también mi trabajo, el cual me da muchísimas satisfacciones.
Ahora estoy muy feliz de pertenecer a este gran equipo, donde hay chicas tan talentosas y queridas, donde cada día compartiremos todo lo que sabemos,  sera un placer poner al servicio de todas lo que he aprendido durante todo este tiempo.
Gracias Johana G. Ferreira, gracias Mai Larsen, por darme esta oportunidad, donde espero crear bellos proyectos con la ayuda de mi Padre Celestial .
Y les dejo esta frase que adorna mi lugar de trabajo.
"No eres lo que logras en scrap, eres lo que superas scrapeando "

Un fuerte abrazo ,cariños y grandes bendiciones Faby.

Soy Colombiana nacida en Bogotá, pero vivo hace 20 años en Ibagué "La ciudad musical de Colombia". Me gradué como Ingeniera de Alimentos, trabaje algún tiempo, pero siempre tuve mucha inclinación hacia las artes me encanta la pintura decorativa y en tela. Las manualidades han sido parte de mi vida,descubrí el scrapbooking hace algunos años y me fascino. Empece a practicarlo como un pasatiempo primero y ahora tengo una pequeña empresa desde donde creamos diseños personalizados y corporativos. En este mundo maravilloso del scrap aprendo día a día y gracias a mi querida amiga Johana Gonzalez Ferreira, que me brindo su confianza y su apoyo estoy compartiendo algo de lo mucho que he aprendido en estos años y me encuentro ahora aquí para empezar a compartir y aprender de todas ustedes chicas talentosas y amables. Agradezco esta maravillosa oportunidad que me brindas Mai Larsen y espero realizar hermosos proyectos de la mano de Dios y de todas, un abrazo inmenso.


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